Gold Essence - " Aurum Potabile ", The "Drinking-Gold" of the Alchemists

Planetary energy: Sun 
Weekday: Sunday 
Energy system: Root chakra, as well as heart- and crown chakra, namely the three most important energy centers of the human being

Application: Gold Essence conveys the vitality of the masculine principle, the sun. It symbolizes energy, activity, vitality, recovery, clarity, power of creation and self-confidence. According to the teachings of the alchemistic chakra-system, Gold Essence balances and strengthens the entire energy system and aids detoxification. It increases vitality and supports the production and magnetic storage of life-energy. Carrying the sun principle, gold sheds light upon the emotions and the spirit and helps to gather ones inner strength. It helps to balance mood swings and assists in spiritual development. Due to harmonizing and activating the chakras mentioned above, it has a sustaining harmonizing effect on emotional imbalance as well as supporting personal growth and transformation. 
Indicated in the case of energy imbalance and disharmonies, which may result from acidose, environmental damage through heavy metals like mercury (amalgam-tooth fillings), environmental pollution or deposits of metabolic waste matter in the body.

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Silver Essence - " Argentum Potabile "

Planetary energy: Moon
Weekday: Monday
Energy system: Spleen/sexual chakra. The 2nd chakra corresponds to the sexual organs, gonads and the connected hormonal processes, kidneys, bladder and the water balance in the body

Application: Silver Essence conveys the life-energy of the feminine principle, the moon. It symbolizes rhythm, regeneration, growth, receptivity, fertility, reproduction and all body-repair processes in general. It serves as support to strengthen charisma, sexual attraction and devotion. It helps to refine the perception of ones own feelings, stimulates dream-activity, calms the nerves and eases trouble falling asleep. Recommended in the case of energy imbalance and disharmonies which may result from menstruation disorders, sleeping problems, mood swings, illness due to bacteria, viruses or parasites, as well as disturbance of the water balance in mucous membranes and skin.











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Iron Essence

Planetary energy: Mars
Weekday: Tuesday
Energy system: Solar plexus-chakra. The 3rd chakra corresponds to the digestive system, liver, gall-bladder, the blood formation and heat regulation

Application: Iron Essence supports dynamism, willpower, decisiveness as well as vitality and life energy. Stimulates sexual desire. Strengthens ones drive, supports the capability and willingness to learn and helps to meet challenges. Recommended in the case of energy imbalance and disturbance. These may result from instable blood pressure, loss of blood, weak immune system, infections with fever and inflammations, sore throat, inflammation of the larynx and generally all kind of chronic inflammation and acute allergies as well as headaches and muscular pain.











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Zinc Essence

Planetary energy: Mercury
Weekday: Wednesday
Energy system: Heart chakra. The 4th chakra corresponds to the heart and circulatory system, respiration, digestion and nervous system

Application: Zinc Essence helps to harmonize and integrate body, mind and spirit and opens the way to love, wisdom and strength of the heart. Supports the ability to be self-aware. Helpful for over-activity and excessive energy as well as emotional and mental tension which may result through shock and trauma. As a support in the case of a week immune system, poor healing of wounds, skin problems, gum bleeding, inflammation of eyes and ears, colds, muscular pain, fever, cramps, cramping cough as well as swelling of the mucous membranes of the mouth, tongue, tonsils or palate.










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Tin Essence

Planetary energy: Jupiter
Weekday: Thursday
Energy system: Throat chakra. The 5th chakra corresponds to the water balance of the body, respiration, joints and bone structure of the body as well as liver and gall bladder

Application: Helps to increase creativity, power of speech, self-realization and the ability to make contacts. Supports a sense of justice and ones natural authority. Helpful in the case of imbalance which may occur from improper water balance such as oedema or dehydration, constipation or diarrhoea. Helps to relieve energy disturbances in the event of rheumatism, joint problems, weakness of connective tissue and ligaments, obesity, gout, paralysis as well as complaints of liver and gall bladder.











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Copper Essence

Planetary energy: Venus
Weekday: Friday
Energy system: Forehead chakra ("third eye"). The 6th chakra is connected to the sense organs and hormonal system, skin, kidneys and veins

Application: Helps to balance inner conflicts and harmonizes ones feelings jealousy, anger or arrogance. Strengthens intuition and the connection with ones sense of higher powers and helps to promote self-determination. Refines radiance. Copper generally supports detoxification on all levels of body, mind and spirit. Helpful for all disharmonies, which may occur due to insufficient excretion and detoxification in the case of kidney problems, varicose veins, disturbed metabolism, hair loss, sexual weakness, hormonal disturbance, states of fear or tension.










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Vitriol Essence

Planetary energy: Saturn
Weekday: Saturday
Energy system: Crown chakra. The 7th chakra is connected to the nervous system and the brain

Application: Vitriol Essence deepens insight and realization, assists in mental and spiritual awakening and flexibility. Supports integration into the cosmic cycles which can help in the case of sleeping and menstruation disorders. To be used as a "meditation essence". Helpful in order to relieve blockages and dissolve hardening of all kind, be it rigid thinking, feeling or acting. Supportive for disharmonies, which may occur in the case of congestion in the body like stones in gall bladder or kidneys, arthrosis, rheumatism, gout, oedema and lymph build-up.







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Rescue Electrum of Metals

The essence "Rescue Electrum" is a mixture of all seven Metal Essences.

Application: As an energetic "first aid" it can be used in the event of all acute difficulties of body, mind and spirit. Since it has an harmonizing effect, it is helpful to use over an extended period of time in all chronic ailments. You may combine Rescue Electrum with the Rescue Essence of the Gems. Paracelsus, the famous physician and philosopher of the 16th century spoke highly of the power of the Electrum. In ancient Egypt, the Electrum, named "Asem", was highly appreciated. Most of the formulas of metal essences refer to the production and use of Electrum.







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Test-Set Gem Essences and Metal Essences

The Test-Set contains all seven Metal Essences and all nine Gem Essences as well as both Rescue mixtures, all in glass vials of 2 ml in a presentation box. It is ideal if you want to have all the essences in order to test out which of the essences you, your family member or patient needs. Very helpful to the practioner! If you wish to apply and experience the "Weekly treatment with the power of the planets", there is about 2 months supply. When using the micro pipette please notice that the amount of one drop is less than with a normal pipette. About 4 drops of the micro pipette amount to a regular drop.


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"Divine Union" and "Weekly treatment with the power of the planets"

The use of the alchemical essences is highly versatile. You may pick your essence according to the inherent qualities or you may choose them intuitively. The following suggestions are both simple and effective:

"Divine Union"

A sensible way of applying the essences is in the form of the "Divine Union" of sun and moon: the combined usage of the sun metal gold and the moon metal silver. You may use the Gold Essence "Aurum Potabile" (the legendary "Drinking-Gold" of the Alchemists) in the morning and the Silver-Essence "Argentum Potabile" in the evening. This combination harmonizes and strengthens the two polar energies in the human energy system, the "masculine" and the "feminine" or the yin and yang aspects. When the two polar forces are unified, a new vitality is created in the body. The "divine union" embraces body, mind and soul. It activates and balances the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the human being.

“Weekly treatment with the power of the planets”

"Weekly treatment with the power of the planets" The following application serves for an even more extensive and subtle tuning into to power of sun, moon and the planets and deeply strengthens the energy system. For this you may use the Gem- and Metal Essences in a daily rotation.

According to many spiritual traditions, the power of a certain planet is most prominent on a specific day of the week. Therefore it is valuable to use the Gem Essences and Metal Essences which are associated with the planet of the day as shown in the chart below. The human energy system can then pick up and more easily utilize the prevailing planetary powers and vibrations. By regularly using the Gem Essences and Metal Essences over a period of time you can raise the energy level of the chakras to their highest possible degree.

When applying the Gem Essences for the "Weekly treatment with the power of the planets", it will be the emotional level, which is more likely to respond to it. When using the Metal Essences, this will have more immediate effect on the physical level.

It is also possible, to combine Gem Essences and Metal Essence as follows: Start the application on Sunday with the Ruby Essence and the Gold Essence, which are assigned to the sun according to the ayurvedic-alchemistic tradition. On Monday continue with the Pearl Essence and the Silver Essence, which correspond with the moon qualities, and so forth.


Day Essence Planet Colour Chakra
Sunday Rub/Gold Sun Red Root Chakra
Monday Pearl/Silver Moon Orange Spleen/Sexual Chakra
Tuesday Yellow-Topaz/Iron Mars Yellow Solar plexus Chakra
Wednesday Emerald/Zinc Mercury Green Heart Chakra
Thursday Sapphire/Tin Jupiter Blue Throat Chakra
Friday Diamond/Copper Venus Indigo Forehead Chakra
Saturday Amethyst/Vitriol Saturn Violet Crown Chakra


Note: When using the Ruby Essence on Sundays, we suggest to additionally apply the Chrysoberyl Essence (activates the foot chakras). In the same way, when using the Amethyst Essence on Saturdays, you may add the Zirkon Essence (8th cakra). This will also help to extend your awareness of the auric field.


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