"Weekly treatment with the power of the planets"

According to many spiritual traditions, the power of a certain planet is most prominent on a specific day of the week. Therefore it is valuable to use the Gem Essence which is associated with the planet of the day as shown in the chart below. The human energy system can then pick up and more easily utilize the prevailing planetary powers. By regularly using the Gem Essences over a period of time you can raise the energy level of the chakras to their highest possible degree.

Start the application on Sunday with the Ruby Essence, the "gem of the sun" according to the ayurvedic-alchemistic tradition. On Monday continue with the Pearl Essence, corresponding to the moon, and so forth:



Day Gem-Essence Planet Colour Chakra
Sunday Ruby Sun Red Root Chakra
Monday Pearl Moon Orange Spleen/Sexual Chakra
Tuesday Yellow Topaz Mars Yellow Solar plexus Chakra
Wednesday Emerald Mercuy Green Heart Chakra
Thursday Sapphire Jupiter Blue Throat Chakra
Friday Diamond Venus Indigo Forehead Chakra
Saturday Amethyst Saturn Violet Crown Chakra



Note: Every second week when using the Ruby Essence on Sundays, you can additionally apply the Chrysoberyl Essence (activates the foot chakras). In the same way, when using the Amethyst Essence on Saturdays, you can add the Zircon Essence (8th cakra).

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